Journal Articles

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  • Chopra, Ratan, Folstad, Nicole & M. David Marks. (2020). “Combined genotype and fatty-acid analysis of single small field pennycress (Thlaspi arvense) seeds increases the throughput for functional genomics and mutant line selection.” Ind Crops Prod., 156: 112823.
  • Chopra, Ratan, Evan. B. Johnson, Ryan Emenecker, Edgar B. Cahoon,  Joe Lyons, Daniel J. Kliebenstein, Erin Daniels, Kevin M. Dorn, Maliheh Esfahanian, Nicole Folstad, Katherine Frels, Michaela McGinn, Matthew Ott,  Cynthia Gallaher, Kayla Altendorf, Alexandra Berroyer, Baraem Ismail,  James A. Anderson, Donald L. Wyse, Tim Ulmasov, John C. Sedbrook, and M.David Marks. (2020). “Identification and stacking of crucial traits required for the domestication of pennycress.Nat Food, 1 (2020): 84–91. This paper was the subject of a “News & Views” article: Britt, Anne B. “From stinkweed to oilseed.” Nat Food 1: 84-91.
  • Sedbrook, John,C. and Timothy P. Durrett. (2020). “Pennycress, carbon wise: Labeling experiments reveal how pennycress seeds efficiently incorporate carbon into biomass.” J. Exp. Botany, 71: 2842-2846.
  • Tyl, Catrin, Lee DeHann, Katherine Frels, Prabin Bajgain, M.David Marks and James A. Anderson. (2020). “Emerging crops with enhanced ecosystem services: Progress in breeding and processing for food use.” Cereal Foods World, 65, 2  DOI:


  • Cubins, Julija. A., M.Scott Wells, Katherine Frels, Matthew A., Ott, Frank Forcella, Gregg A. Johnson, Mainder K.,Walia, Roger L. Becker,  and Russ W. Gesch.  (2019). “Management of pennycress as a winter annual cash cover crop: A review.Agron. Sustain. Dev. 39, 46 (2019): 46, Open access.