IPREFER Pennycress Field Days

IPREFER uses farm-based field days to spread the word about pennycress and our research focused on optimizing off-season pennycress production and overcoming supply chain bottlenecks. Field days allow us to connect directly with ag producers and industry. We are continuously updating this Field Day webpage, so stay tuned to it and to our Twitter account @IPREFER_CAP.

2023 Field Days & Plot Tours

May 25 – Western Illinois University – WIU 2023 Pennycress Field Day

April 21 – Illinois State University Cover Crop Field Day

  • 4 pm – 6 pm Central Time (US and Canada) at the ISU University Farm (25578 ISU Farm Lane, Lexington, IL 61753). IPREFER collaborators have organized a no-cost field day for you to learn more about cover crops (Pennycress, Cereal Rye, Wheat and more, see flyer). There will be cover crop field tours beginning at 4 pm with discussions and presentations focused on:
    • Cover crop implementation successes and challenges
    • Increasing farm profit, carbon credits, ecosystem services, and more.