IPREFER Mission:   Optimize off-season pennycress oilseed production by overcoming production and supply chain bottlenecks.

Overall Goal: Commercially launching pennycress as a cash cover crop in 2021.

IPREFER (Integrated Pennycress Research Enabling Farm and Energy Resilience) is a team of academic researchers, extension/outreach specialists, agricultural producers, and commercial interests working to optimize off-season pennycress oilseed production. IPREFER is a $10 million, five year project led by Western Illinois University and funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA-NIFA).

The project goal is to move pennycress towards launch as a cash cover crop by 2021, with a goal of yielding up to an additional 2 billion gallons of oil annually towards the 25 year goal of 50 billion gallons set by USDA-NIFA in 2018. IPREFER focuses on optimizing agronomic protocols, breeding line development, assessment of environmental impacts, supply chain requirements, and community outreach.