2023 IPREFER Undergraduate Research Experience

The 2023 Integrated Plant Systems – Undergraduate Research Experience intern class has concluded their summer experience. We enjoyed having the interns present their posters at our recent annual meeting. You can learn more about our interns’ summer and the scope of their learning experiences below. Much good science was accomplished, and we hope we have given this great group a real leg up into their exciting futures.

We look forward to hosting our 2024 Undergraduate Research Experience. Our 2024 goal will remain the same: to help students gain technical skills and interdisciplinary competencies, which will equip them for work on bio-based solutions to food, energy, and environmental challenges. Stay tuned for more information about the 2024 Undergraduate Research Experience!

Stephanie Castillo, IPREFER Intern

Stephanie Castillo

Jemisen Cendana, IPREFER Intern

Jamisen Cendana


Jayda Collins, IPREFER Intern

Jayda Collins

riley Ellaarson, IPREFER Intern

Riley  Ellarson

Arianna Gonch, IPREFER Intern

Ariana Gonch

Devon Jonaus, IPREFER Intern

Devon Jonaus

Ann Kennedy, IPREFER Intern

Ann Kennedy

Nicholas Lee, IPREFER Intern

Nicholas Lee

Caleb Mahr, IPREFER Intern

Caleb Mahr

Jayleen Perez, IPREFER Intern

Jayleen Perez

Nadia Phillips, IPREFER Intern

Nadia Phillips

Riley Retzer, IPREFER Intern

Riley Retzer

Audrianna Torrey

Audrianna Torrey