2021 IPREFER Undergraduate Research Experience

The 2021 Integrated Plant Systems – Undergraduate Research Experience intern class had fantastic research opportunities, as you can see from their descriptions throughout this page. We want to thank all the members of the IPREFER team who mentored, encouraged, and supported all of the 2021 class.

The students will work throughout the summer of 2021 with IPREFER research team members to develop pennycress (Thlaspi arvense) as an eco-friendly biofuel crop for agroecosystems in the Midwest. IPREFER researchers provided mentoring and research training opportunities and activities for these undergraduates.

The IPS-URE goal is to help students gain technical skills and interdisciplinary competencies, which will equip them for work on bio-based solutions to food, energy, and environmental challenges. For additional information, contact Anne Kinzel, IPREFER Program Manager (anne.kinzel@iprefercap.org)

Claire Biel

Claire Biel IPREFER Undergrad Intern

Issac Goldman

Isaac Goldman 2021 IPREFER Intern

Juan Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez 2021 IPREFER Intern

Alex Hafner

Terryn Hutchings

Terryn Hutchings 2021 IPREFER Intern

Marshah Menos

Marshah Menos 2021 IPREFER Intern

Caleb Mesick

Caleb Mesick 2021 IPREFER Summer Intern

William Rice

William Rice 2021 IPREFER Intern

Ross Sousa

Ross Sousa 2021 IPREFER Intern

Kyle Verhoff

Kyle Verhoff IPREFER 2021 Intern

Raymond Wilmes

Raymond Wilmes 2021 IPREFER Intern

Tommy Wood

Tommy Wood 2021 IPREFER Intern